Price: $200

State: Nebraska
City: Omaha
Zip code: 68114
Type: Pets

This young fella is in need of a good active home with a strong pack leader who is willing to give lots of love. He has been around children and other dogs. He is current on his shots and fixed. He was a rescue several years back and although my friend would love to keep him she is getting a divorce and has lost over 1/2 her household income. So being I have done rescue she asked me to help find him a great home. He likes to sleep with you or lounge with you when allowed, just have to tell him to get off and he listens. He knows sit and a few other commands, he is a puller on the leash if not using a lead that is all the way to the top or a head collar would probably work great for him. If I didn't already have a dog and have my hands full trying to keep her elderly 15 year old dog with health issues due to being old...I would keep him.